I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Voltaire

In mediation we all win.  Every process should always focus on this goal: that everyone wins and no one loses.
Develop and configure the best solution in a mature and responsible manner:  in a legal proceeding the judge decides, in a mediation, the protagonists decide.
Mediation is a process of conflict resolution, guided by an impartial professional specialized in the field of Mediation and Law, facilitating communication between the parties to resolve their disagreements through dialogue and mutual collaboration.
Participation in mediation is voluntary and governed by the principles of confidentiality, equality, and collaboration between the parties who are the protagonists of the conflict and of it’s resolution and who, with the help of the mediator will explore and elaborate useful solutions for everyone.
The mediator will strengthen the resources of all parties, facilitating finding common ground and understanding so that parties can find the best solution.
Why opt for mediation?  Save time, money, and avoid the excessive judicialization of a crisis situation and bring positive results to all parties involved.
-In conflicts between companies, especially family companies and commercial relationships, mediation can help avoid long and costly legal battles, and find an effective solution.
-Also applicable in cases of conflict involving inheritance, rents, or contracts.
In the case of family crisis, divorce or separation, mediation can be the most effective way of reaching the best solution for the whole family while guaranteeing a the integral and fruitful development of your children.  The ultimate goal is for parents to reach a necessary understanding to ensure that their children grow up with the security of knowing they continue to be their parents, despite the separation, and for both parents to build their new scenarios realistically, factually, and managing over time this new design.